L’Ufficiale EXTRA-DRY

L’Ufficiale di Ruffoni is an EXTRA DRY PROSECCO DOC millesimato.
It has a bright straw yellow color and a fine and persistent perlage. The scent is pleasantly fruity, rich and fragrant. It reminds the Williams pear and golden apple. It is round, balanced and fresh. A slight floral note makes it soft and delicate on the palate.

Per completare l'ordine è necessario inserire almeno 6 bottiglie, anche di vini differenti.

Glera Prosecco

Production Zone



22 – 30 mt (72 – 98 ft) above sea level

Training System


Plant Density

2850 ca. vine per hectare

Harvest Period

First half of September

Alcohol Level

11% vol.

Sugar Content

15 gr./lt

Total Acid Content

5,7 gr./lt

Serving Temperature

6 – 8 °C (43 – 47 °F)


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