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Ruffoni Wines

Let’s Make Time, Our Treasure

Società Agricola Centelan Di Ruffoni: Ancient Roots

In The Land Of Wines

Vineyard Over 90 hectares of vineyards (a filare e a Bellussi) between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

Barrel Centelan’s red wines mature in confortable and spacious durnbast or oak barrels.White wines stand in moden steel holding tanks

Grape Centelan di Ruffoni cultivates in the vast plain between Veneto and Friuli 5 varieties of grapes

Bottles Each graphic and aestetic detail of the bottles has been carefully studied. The bottles have been chosen thinking to an international and trasversal target

Ruffoni Family

Vinemakers since Generations

We are three brothers, Claudio, Ivan and Denis, together we run the historic wine family company “Centelan di Ruffoni”. Winemakers since generations we are proposing our own brand with an international character, coming from passion and shared knowledge.

Neverending Passion

Research & Style

The aesthetic dimension is meant to highlight the quality of Centelan products, result of research and synergy among sector professionists.

Our Wines